Announce of October 12

Dear students,
About your course: Logistics Project Management*
* Please remind the security code to access on Moodle and my website of this course is as following:   sgamoura2731
Tomorrow October 13, 2020, your Session 5 – Online will be organized online in synchronous live mode from 02h00PM to 05h00 PM.
A synchronous session means: You have to attend the session online in live mode. Please find in the following the Zoom link (login and password) to access the session:
Zoom Link:  
Meeting ID:          914 5282 4662
Passcode:               888877
The Session 5 – Online is devoted to the defense/soutenance of the case study 1.
Each group need to submit the work (presentation) in the repository Case_Study_1* before the beginning of the session.
*students who DO NOT have Moodle access, they have to send me an email with the attached file to:
About the organization of the session tomorrow, the order of passage of the already defined groups is listed in the table below. Please note I renamed some groups to avoid confusion.

Group Name - Members - Group Size - Time of presentation (Start (PM)-End (PM)) * 15min presentation + 05min Questions/Answers)
Group_1 - Paul Darreau, Tobyn Emezie - 2 - 02:00 - 02:20

Group_2 - Anna Beites Fontenelle, Damien Fuchs - 2 - 02:20 - 02:40 

Group_3 - Rayan Barhoumi - 1 - 02:40 - 03:00

Group_4 - Matthieu Ehrsam - 1 - 03:00 - 03:20 

Group_5 - Hanyang Li - 1 - 03:20 - 03:40

Group_6 - Man Jiang, Mustafa Kalayci - 2 - 03:40 - 04:00 

Group_7 - Eloi Cabaud - 1 - 04:00 - 04:20 

Group_8 - Antoine Ekodo Ndabtje - 1 - 04:20 - 04:40

Belonging to a group is mandatory for this session.  However, many students still without a group membership, they have to create a new group or join an existing group:

Students without groups - Group to create/to join ?
Anita Akoubia
Elie Dziomba
Geoffrey Duval
Hugo Helly
Jiageng Liu
Lois Herbil 
Mathieu Bernard
Mathilde Cazeres
Youssef Blagui 

 Important note:  In Moodle, the submission of the work requires a group to make a submission, and some students are either not a member of any group, or are a member of more than one group, so they are unable to make submissions. Please make sure you belong to ONE GROUP.
For all your questions, please, try to avoid emails and use the Forum already created in Moodle for this session (Session 5_Forum). The Forum is a collaborative online exchange space, where all of you can share the same topics, questions, and answers. I will interact with you and answer all your questions through the Forum *.  
* For students who DO NOT have Moodle access yet, they can post their comments on my website.
All the information about the course modalities are available in the general part (First part) in Moodle or my website.  
Please note the following:
-         There is no Quiz test (QCM) for this session
-         This case study will be evaluated and included in the practical part of the exam (30%)
-         Your attendance to this session is mandatory
-         Submissions of your works (presentations) still open till    October 13, 2020 02PM00.

Best regards